The Biosolids Assurance Scheme is owned and operated by Assured Biosolids Limited, which is a not-for-profit company set up by 11 UK Water and Sewerage Companies.

NSF Certification UK, which has gained UKAS accreditation for the scheme, has been appointed as the independent Certification Body to audit scheme members annually.

The operations and marketing are funded by members based on quantities of biosolids recycled to agricultural land. The result of certification of all activities (from sludge treatment to biosolids application to land) will result in BAS Certified Biosolids.

Assured Biosolids Limited is managed by a board of directors appointed from the 11 UK Water and Sewerage Companies.

The Biosolids Assurance Scheme intends to provide reassurance to the food chain and consumers as set out in this model:

Scheme applicants will be sludge processors and biosolids recyclers to agricultural land. Whilst applicants will initially be the UK Water and Sewerage Companies the scheme is open to all organisations where there is no duplication of audit scope.

The scope of the scheme includes treatment of sludge (including source material controls), transport, storage and application to agricultural land. The scheme does not currently include applications to non-agricultural land (e.g. land reclamation).

“Assured Biosolids Limited, a not-for-profit company”