Welcome to the UK Biosolids Assurance Scheme website.

Biosolids are a sustainable product used globally to provide valuable nutrient and organic matter to agriculture. Biosolids are produced by treating sludge from the wastewater recycling process. Around 3.6 million tonnes of biosolids are recycled to agricultural land in the UK every year, providing a nutrient replacement value of at least £60 million to the British farming industry.

This practice aligns with the UK Government’s strategy for beneficial recycling in preference to other forms of disposal e.g. by incineration or landfill.

The purpose of the UK Biosolids Assurance Scheme (BAS) is to provide food chain and consumer reassurance that BAS Certified Biosolids can be safely and sustainably recycled to agricultural land. In consultation with food chain stakeholders the UK Water Industry has introduced the Biosolids Assurance Scheme that includes sludge treatment and biosolids recycling to agricultural land. Member organisations are audited by an independent third-party Certification Body with UKAS accreditation to ensure that they conform with the scheme standard.